Back from Warszaw


SSOGE @ Warszaw, 28.9.2013

Menuo Juodaragis


Hey, there's a perfect way to end summer! We already know "Priekā" (regards to Riga metalhedz!), now it is time for "į sveikatą". :) See you on Saturday at Menuo Juodaragis XVI festival!

Masters Of Rock 2013


Hey, it is only few days to MASTERS OF ROCK festival! Looking forward to see you again, maniacs! So note Saturday 13.7., time 12:50 to your diaries. :) What can you hear? Almost complete discography cross, a new song, and, maybe.. more :) C'ya!

Complete SSOGE discography


Now and never again - complete SSOGE discography @ our eshop. Very last pieces!!!

SSOGE live in 2013


25.05.2013 : Teplice nad Metují (cz), Teplická rocková noc
15.06.2013 : Horní Benešov (cz), Dny města
15.06.2013 : Dalečín (cz), Tolenstein fest
13.07.2013 : Vizovice (cz), Masters Of Rock 2013
19.07.2013 : Pohoří (cz), Aggresive Music Fest
20.07.2013 : Tasov (cz), Tasovské Rockování
27.07.2013 : Brno (cz), Rockové Chrlení 2013
17.08.2013 : Nová Baňa (sk), GOTHOOM open-air 2013
24.08.2013 : Zarasai (lit), Menuo Juodaragis XVI festival
13.09.2013 : Luxembourg (lux), Rockbox
14.09.2013 : Montigny-lès-Vesoul (fra), Barouf

SSOGE eshop


Ok, here we are! Our brand new eshop is online, feel free to check it out :)

SSOGE e-shop

SSOGE in Lithuania!


We've been confirmed to play Mėnuo Juodaragis XVI festival in Lithuania this August! FACEBOOK event event

Mėnuo Juodaragis XVI festival

Our near future


Well, our last club gig of this year is over, thank you, Slovak maniacs for nice atmosphere at DragonFest and thanks organizers for inviting us!

And what's next? Couple of summer open-airs, several gigs with KELLS in France in September and then kinda hibernation. We will be hard working on the material for the new album, so no shows at all.

If you want to see us live, just come at Masters Of Rock, Gothoom, Tolenstein, Aggresive Music Fest open-airs this year.. C'ya & stay tuned!

SSOGE @ Schuur, Luzern (swi) © Pat Long

Back from Switzerland


Usually we say "home sweet home" but honestly - there's nothing sweet here comin' back from Swiss Fairyland :) Nevertheless we would like to thank Abinchova for invitation, support and friendship as we spent really nice two evenings, guys! C'ya & all Swiss maniacs again!

SSOGE @ Schuur, Luzern (swi) © Yvan Jost

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